Khaplu Baltostan


Hotel K7 Khaplu


The time required in jeep or a bus is about 2 hours and 30 minutes until Khaplu from Skardu.
The road from Skardu to Khaplu was all paved recently.
It can visit a Khaplu village by comfortable driving.
Four buses go to Khaplu (1 day). Many jeep and wagons also run.
The charter charge of jeep is 1200 Rupee.
Hotel K7 New plan .
The man who likes a mountains area is provided with the free room (Tent style. 12 feet x 10 feet). A left photograph is under extension.
Every day comfortable in the best place at Khaplu. (Sleeping-bag necessity) .

hotel use charge (a meal is another charge) 2 persons
Only an overnight stay2 nights (per day)3 or more (per day) nights
Hotel Type 1700 rupees500 rupees300 rupees
Hotel Type 2200 rupees200 rupeesNo charge
Tent Type 1200 rupees100 rupeesNo charge
Carrying-in tent50 rupees50 rupeesNo charge
Note: When cooking for oneself by food carrying in, it does not correspond to this charge table.

Deposit your load. The man with the plan which visits Pakistan is best when depositing a load here. A heavy load etc. is kept for nothing (for 2 years).
Deposit shoes, a sleeping-bag, clothes, mountain-climbing tools, etc., and visit Pakistan lightly and freely next time.

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